Reef Wreck & Critter 

is the latest book release from publisher - Reef Images.




This book is a visual tour of the many and varied dive sites of Tulamben, Bali's 

number - one dive destination. Located on the remote northeast coast of Bali, far 

from the crowds of the resorts on Bali's south coast, the area offers peace and

tranquility in a rural fishing village environment.


Divers flock to Tulamben to dive the wreck of the Liberty, an American WWII shipwreck 

that rests just 40 metres from the shore. The wreck and surrounding reefs have been 

described by scientists as some of the richest marine environments in the World. 


Tulamben is also highly acclaimed by underwater photographers as a 

destination with easily accessible coral reefs and high concentrations of 

normally rare creatures. Clear, warm, calm water with mild currents gives divers the 

opportunity to dive all year-round.




With 32 pages of images and information on Tulamben's underwater treasures. From the popular Liberty Wreck to newly discovered critter haunts like Seraya Secrets, this book reveals all.


Contains over 130 full colour images all taken on Tulamben's dive sites, plus information on each location.


Compiled by Jeff & Dawn Mullins who have been visiting Tulamben since 1980 and have come to know each of the dive sites intimately.


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Jeff & Dawn Mullins now reside in Tulamben and offer guided dive tours of the area, specialising in small groups of photographers and divers with an interest in marine life and critter hunting.

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